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Wheat Ridge Foundation General Fund

The purpose of the General Fund is to provide support for Programs approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors and for operation of the Foundation. This support may be for a one time Project, one time funding for an ongoing Program or ongoing funding to or expand sustain a Program.

Financial resources for the general fund are not allocated to a specific program or use and come from donations, gifts and grants, fundraisers and investment growth and earnings.

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Arvada/Wheat Ridge Service Ambassadors for Youth (AWRSAY)

The Arvada Wheat Ridge Service Ambassadors for Youth (AWRSAY) is unique in that it recognizes teens who otherwise have been missed. Yet, these teens have accomplished much more than most people. They have faced adversities and obstacles, ranging from major health issues, to drugs and crime within the family. They have not let these adversities stop them; they overcame these obstacles.

AWRSAY is a ten year old program and each year the number of kids recognized has increased.  The last three years AWRSAY honored 100 kids each year. Of these, 21 seniors are offered $900 scholarships to Red Rocks Community College and 4 seniors will be offered $1200 scholarships to Red Rocks Community College.  These scholarships can be renewed for a second semester as long as certain guidelines are followed. Throughout the year all honorees are provided leadership, recognition and educational opportunities.

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