Curtis J. Gilmore Lifelong Learning Scholarship Fund

In honor of our past Chairman, Curt Gilmore, The Wheat Ridge Community Foundation has established the Curtis J. Gilmore Lifelong Learning Scholarship Fund.
Thinking “out of the box” does not do justice to the vision of Curt Gilmore. He thought “off the planet”. He had a dedication to education that was unrivaled. As a private citizen, with no background in education, he was a tireless advocate for the students of Jefferson County. Specifically, he sought to level the playing field for those of lesser means. Curt was a visionary who believed that access to technology would be one avenue to allow all students to benefit from the excellent education that Jefferson County Schools offer. Curt then made that happen, by collecting thousands of used computers and getting them to those most in need. This is just one example of how Curt touched the lives of thousands of students.

The Curtis J. Gilmore Lifelong Learning Scholarship will carry on the vision Curt had to help level the playing field for students in Jefferson County. The scholarship is specifically set-up to provide tutoring and technology to Wheat Ridge area students. Primary consideration will be given to students who demonstrate character, work ethic, and financial need.

The scholarship is funded by annual fundraising and donations from individuals, businesses and charitable organizations.